Advantages to using the GearClamp singlespeed kit:

The GearClamp kit is made in the U.S.A!

We looked into manufacturing in Taiwan, China and India, but after calculating costs it was about the same to make them here in Texas. So, if you are a "buy USA" kind of person, rest assured that your dollars are staying in the country.

GearClamp is Light Weight!

The GearClamp singlespeed kit weighs only 18 grams per set, compared to over 40 grams for some spacer kits.

Infinite Adjustability!

The GearClamp singlespeed kit can be adjusted to perfectly match your chainline while your wheel is on your bike. Set it the first time, no trial and error.

Swap rear cogs quickly and easily!

Are you riding a flat course today and a hilly one tomorrow? Maximize performance and enjoyment by using the best cog for the trail. Just pop your wheel off your bike, remove your outside GearClamp and swap your cog out for another one. When you remove your cog, leave the inside GearClamp in place to preserve your chainline. Then reverse the process. If you carry a chain quick-link and one chain link, you can usually handle a few changes in tooth diameter, enough to change on the fly.

Our packaging is recycleable.

If you are into preserving the environment, please recycle our plastic baggie and cardboard top. Or, use the baggie to hold parts like those little metal doodads that go on the end of your shifter and brake cables. I don't know if the staple is recycleable... if you come up with a neat use for it, let me know and I'll add that into this part of the page.