Do I need a chain tensioner if I use the GearClamp singlespeed conversion kit on my bike?

If your frame has vertical dropouts, you will almost always need a chain tensioner as you have no way of adjusting your chain tension.  However, there are ways to get around this.  Check out www.sheldonbrown.com. It’s full of bike info on all things Singlespeed and pretty much anything related to cycling. FYI, Sheldon was the MAN when it came to cycling stuff.

Does the GearClamp singlespeed conversion kit work on Campagnolo hubs?

I don’t own any Campy hubs, so I don’t know.  If we get enough requests, we’ll develop a Campy-compatible GearClamp.

What size cogs does the GearClamp singlespeed conversion kit work with?

The GearClamp is designed to work with 16 tooth cogs and larger.  This is because the GearClamp is taller than traditional hub spacers.  If you want to run a 15 tooth cog or smaller, install two spacers on either side of the cog and you will be all set.  At some point we will offer a set of two spacers for free to anyone who needs them to run a 15 tooth (or smaller) cog. If you need a set, send us an email and we'll get some out to you.

Where can I buy a GearClamp singlespeed conversion kit?

In the near future, you will be able to buy a set on this website, on Ebay and (hopefully) at a few online retailers and at a bike shop near you.

Do GearClamps come in any other colors?

Right now black is all we have.  If people want something else, we might stock it.  I can probably do custom order colors if it’s going to be a large run.  Send us an email if you want other colors (though we aren’t going to go all Kooka anodizing crazy with rasta colors n stuff.)